Why Hiring Managers Should Use Staffing Companies for Recruitment

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The IT industry is such a booming industry, and in the current job market, mid-level companies are finding it difficult to get skilled candidates for their IT positions. The industry is so multifaceted and broad, which makes landing the perfect candidate time-consuming and overwhelming.
This is where our Dallas-based IT staffing company plays an integral role in the hiring process. It’s on record that over 90 percent of companies use staffing agencies for their recruitment. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should work with an IT staffing company:

1. Finding a skilled candidate
In a competitive industry like IT, it can be overwhelming to deal with so many candidates for all open positions. Having a staffing company in charge of your recruitments will save you countless hours from going through the applicants’ profiles and hoping that one is perfect for you.
At Ntelicor, we have a large pool of skilled candidates, and we can find the perfect one for your business and needs. Because we are the best at what we do, you can be sure we will provide you with a candidate that is tailored to your need.
2. You save money and time.
Staffing companies provide skilled candidates to fill open IT positions at a lower cost than direct hiring. You won’t need to spend money on advertisements or time on pre-employment screening.
When you use recruiters, like Ntelicor;
The process of filling positions faster with more qualified candidates saves you time
The hiring process is simplified, and you avoid costly mistakes
Less time is spent on training
3. For seasonal needs
Making staffing adjustments to meet project needs can be challenging. For example, your company needs to build an AI-powered customer service chatbot, but you currently lack a developer with AI experience; a staffing company can quickly identify multiple candidates that can meet your needs. If your company needs employees for a particular project or a specific period, a staffing agency can provide them.
4. Avoid excess HR burdens
With staffing agencies, candidates can be employed directly by the agency, working as a W2 employee. The staffing agency is responsible for offering optional benefits—vision, dental, medical, 401k, and life insurance. Also, staffing agencies, including Ntelicor, take the responsibility for any unemployment claim filed by qualified employees if your staffing needs are temporary. This, in the long run, helps you save money by keeping HR costs to the minimum.

In summary, using a staffing agency for your hiring and recruitment helps you focus on the real deal – YOUR BUSINESS. You are here to make big decisions, and if you choose to outsource your hiring processes to a staffing company, you will have more time to make high-level strategic decisions for the future of your growing business.

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