Top Blogs to Follow to Improve Your Javascript Coding Skills

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With constant technology changes, JAVA programming can be tough. The field is always changing because of innovations within the industry, requiring more sophisticated programming and maintenance languages. One of the best ways to stay plugged into innovations and collaborate learning with other members of the community is subscribing to blogs. Here are some of the best JAVA programming blogs to help you stay current:

Adam Bien’s Weblog

As one of the top JAVA experts in the field, Adam Bein has a very casual, easy-to-follow tone to his tutorials and writing. He has almost 2000 articles in his archive, and thousands of subscribers and commenters on the blog. Occasionally he hosts webinars and workshops, but his blog posts are accessible anytime and the most popular of his branded content.


With the large number of contributors and writers, this blog is able to give readers a multi-perspective approach to their learning, and readers at any level can engage with the content and engage with other professionals in the community.


Another leader in the JAVA developer community is Javin Paul. His blog focuses strictly on JAVA best practices and provides extremely comprehensive tutorials and step-by-step guides, all suitable for beginners and experts alike. One element that makes this blog unique is that Paul has a blog series in which he selects readers to interview him about anything relating to JAVA.


If you’re looking for information on all things JAVA, jOOQ, and SQL, the jOOQ blog has many expert contributors with varying perspectives and best practices. jOOQ’s blog has a comprehensive and easily accessible filtering system to help readers navigate the extensive archives, and its most popular articles focus on tricks, tips, and shortcuts for most people already well-versed in these programming languages.


This one may be obvious, but it is truly a leading hub for all things JAVA. Enterprise developers, architects, and managers all use JavaWorld to keep up to date with innovations in the field, covering language basics, open-source, and even career updates and opportunities in the field. This blog is best for those just starting out in JAVA with an entire series called JAVA 101 exclusively for beginners to the field, but there are also plenty of resources for more experienced programmers.

Keeping up with the latest trends and knowledge within the field can make or break your employment future and your career itself. Be sure to stay current with innovations within JAVA programming, and you’re guaranteed to be a competitive IT hire!