Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

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Remote work is becoming the new norm in today’s work world. Organizations have started seeing the benefits, from reduced capital expenditure to increased workers’ productivity, especially in their IT and tech departments. 

However, hiring remote employees can be intimidating and stressful. Do you wonder where to find the talents? What sort of soft skills should they have? Also, if conducting remote interviews, what type of questions assess if they can work independently and deliver tasks on time?

This article provides tips that answer these questions and tips to help you hire the best remote employees.

Tips For Hiring Remote Workers

Where to find remote talents

Let’s say you need a software developer. An IT staffing firm like Ntelicor can help you find professionals who can work remotely and whose skills and experience align with your open role. At Ntelicor, we have a large pool of skilled candidates, with new talent being added daily. We can find the perfect fit for your business and needs.

The goal is always to hire a skilled worker that will meet your hiring needs and add value to your organization. And partnering with an experienced IT staffing firm like Ntelicor will help you find the right candidate to fit your open position.  


Ideal soft skills for remote workers

Not every professional can work from home. So, if you want to hire a remote worker, make sure it’s someone that has the following soft skills:

• Self-discipline. You need someone who is self-disciplined and a problem solver. A remote candidate should see a need and take appropriate actions without being told what to do. The candidate should be able to solve problems on his own.

• Great communication and powerful collaboration skills. A remote worker should be able to interact and collaborate with colleagues across various channels; email, instant messaging, and video. Hire someone who can send messages across any channel clearly without any ambiguity. They should also demonstrate active listening skills during video and phone interviews. These skills are a must-have to communicate with workers at various locations.

Other skills to look for include:

• Strong organizational skills

• Good time management skills

• Accountability

If a candidate has all these qualities, they are more likely to perform well as a remote worker.


Remote job interview questions

Remember, a highly skilled worker who may thrive working in an office space may not perform as well when working remotely. Asking the right questions will help you calculate if a candidate can work remotely. 

The interview questions may include:

• Do you have any history of working remotely?

• If yes, how do you stay on task and avoid distraction when working from home? If not, how do you plan to stay focused and avoid distraction?

• What do you feel are the personal attributes that make you qualified as a remote worker?

• What would be or is your greatest challenge working from home?

• How would you balance your work and home life?