Python is the top programming language of 2020

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Many programming languages have dominated the 21st century, ranging from Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, R, Arduino, Go, Swift, Matlab, and many more. However, Python has dominated in 2020 according to a statistical survey done by the IEEE spectrum. However, other data survey companies have also taken a keen interest in taking statistical values of pythons interests amongst the growing population.

Python programming method was invented 30 years ago, which was 1990, to be precise. It has gained popularity in recent years due to its reliability in web development and artificial intelligence. Many learning institutions have opted to teach their students the python programming language to equip them with the current trends.

One advantage is that the beginners easily understand the language, and those most times, students find it interesting to learn. On the current rankings done by IEEE, Python emerges to be first, followed by Java.

Even though Java is five years older than Python, it is ranked second. However, it is preferred for its versatility in mobile devices like desktops and several web applications like games.

On the other hand, the C programming language takes the third position even though its 48 years old in the market. The system is suitable for use in system development works and other operating systems like the drivers. However, it is tedious because it involves a lot of calculations.

According to another survey done by the TIOBEs index, three top programming languages still emerge to be on the top. There are minimal disparities in the positions because the C appears to be first followed by Java and then Python.

On a different scope, china has blocked a new programming language called Scratch from being used by the children. A particular organization that monitors Chinas great firewall called Greatfire recently stopped Scratch’s website to avoid being used by children.

Greatfire blocked the website because of a video that went viral on the social media platforms that had a negative issue with the community leave alone the website. Therefore it the company deemed it fit to block the website due to the misuse.
Another programming language called Julia has underlined the importance that python programming language brings to the community. It has applications ranging from the community level to data science applications.

Julia has learned the importance of using the python programming language in various IT staffing members and other organizations. They found out that the language has a lot to contribute to the technology sector’s current trends and research.
Affirming the importance of Python, the website got about 75% response from a sample taken and that the respondents prefer Python over Julia. The programming company has several assertions to make according to the python programming language.
Besides, Python and R are suitable for working data science. A data researcher called Alex Woodie asserts that Python is also gaining popularity and is majorly by IT personnel. He quoted an example of the staff like Lou Bajuk, a director of marketing software devices, employs Python amongst its staff.

According to another company called Redmonks, Python has also been ranked the best among other languages. The biannual rankings done by the company show that Java emerges to be second. And on the other hand, JavaScript remains to be in third place.

The company also added that Python is mostly taught in schools in recent times, and it is increasingly gaining popularity and interest amongst the beginners. The language equips students with relevant skills and coding techniques that help them counter the emerging trends in technology.

Redmonks have also assured Python of being among the best programming languages. It oversees how the language helps the students look for answers to tech problems. The rankings have been continuously discussed in several expos performed in several places, including Dallas, London, and Amsterdam.

According to TIOBE, ranking on the recent news gave a possible reason for Julia’s immaturity concerns in the market has attributed to losing most users. The company also added that the language has more pronounced parallelization and C libraries.
According to a particular online publication in late June, the company TIOBEs CEO Paul Jansen also noted that Python was a future challenger of all programming languages. The reason being the younger generation is developing an interest in using the language.

The advantages of Python included; speed and performance. The language has a constant processing speed, which is suitable for performing online computations. The rate is also efficient while streaming data and making online statistics.

Among other vital advantages is the visualization functionality, massive data integration systems equipped with the Hadoop Ecosystem. Those are the few named advantages that the language has accompanied by other series of benefits.

A recent article was written by a heavy Python User called Dario Radecic, giving advantages about Python. The python user confessed that Python had to go unparalleled with other languages due to its efficiency, reliability, and, most importantly, its ease of learning at one’s comfort zone.

However, with Python’s leading programming languages, various statistical data companies give varied opinions on their rankings. The diverse opinions are attributed to the type of representative sample which has been taken for the interview.

Most importantly, it is good to understand that the language gives more knowledge to a learner or students on web technology’s current emerging issues. The current trends which have to be combated include the increasing levels of cybersecurity.

IEEE spectrum cited several reasons for Python’s lead: that the language captures the learners’ interest. It is essential to understand that learners compose of the enormous numbers of internet users.

Therefore an increase in the number of younger people using the language implies a direct increase in the numbers of the programming language users. The critical value is the user’s interest and the targeted population when it comes to the numbers.
In conclusion, Python is taking the lead and is continuously gaining popularity in the days to come. There is a vibrant future in technology, and it’s attributed to the python programming language.