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Unlike other IT staffing agencies, Ntelicor looks to find you the position and the company where you are valued as a contributor, a person, and an expert. We've been around since 1998 and have developed key relationships with leadership, management, and other team leads of a number of Fortune 50 companies.

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Our name is a stamp of approval. With our established, trusted position in the IT industry, Ntelicor has the reach and the influence to find you the position you want with a company you’ll love.

We stop the

We know that finding a new position is daunting, but finding a new position after only a few weeks at a new company can feel totally demoralizing. After you've been placed with Ntelicor's proprietary process and program, you'll want to stay to contribute, and to use your talents to the fullest of your ability. That's because we use in-depth client and job information to recommend you to an ideal position.

We're always available.

Success is about the long-term. We make it our priority to maintain our relationship with you well into your placement. If you need us, we're there. You're always in contact with Ntelicor.

A Professional Recruiting Case Study:

World's #1 Airline

Ntelicor has more IT starts than any other IT recruitment company

Past 12, 24, and 36 months

More IT candidates working than any other tech staffing agency

Past 12 and 24 months

More candidates converted to permanent employment than any other staffing company