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Where industry-leading experience and analytics meet.

Ntelicor’s combination of a thorough process and an integrated AI-enhanced platform allows our experts to provide our clients with the right candidates, and our candidates with the right positions. Our strategy owes itself to three pillars:

We Listen
and We Learn.

By listening carefully, we come to understand your needs, specs, culture, and environment so that we can provide you with a shortlist of candidates who offer the skills and personality your business is seeking.

We Screen
and Evaluate.

Our experienced team utilizes our consistently refined network, our unique proprietary practices, and an AI-powered integrated platform to recommend the best candidates to our clients.

We Onboard
and Support.

Our involvement with our talent doesn't end when we hand them off to you. Our knowledgeable HR department onboards people pursuant to your requirements and our staff properly supports them for the duration of their tenure.

Work With Us.

Our members are highly skilled experts in their industry. We accept nothing less than the best. Joining our ranks is not about finding the next job, it's about taking the next step in an already successful IT career. Our vetting system ensures that we only recommend true IT craftsmen, not professional resume crafters.
Hire Talent

Upgrade Your Career.

Over 20 years Ntelicor has developed a reputation for the highest quality candidates. Our name beside a candidate serves as a seal of approval, one that tells employers you're more than a job-seeker, you're a professional. Apply today to join the ranks of our exemplary candidates.
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Contact Us.

Whether you're a candidate looking for work or a potential client looking for talent, please contact Ntelicor directly by filling out the form displayed here.
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