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Dallas Among Leading Cities for Technology and Innovation

  Silicon Valley, Seattle, and other cities often are touted as the top cities for technology and innovation. However, a variety of cities, Dallas included, actually top the charts and beat out some of the aforementioned cities for their economies, digital cultures, and general focus on technological advancement. In fact, Dallas is currently ranked 13th […]

How Machine Learning Creates Jobs

AI and machine learning are gaining popularity, but the rate has been slow. Many businesses are slow to recognize the advantages of machine learning, some aren’t ready to take the risk until others do, and others still don’t have the capability of pursuing machine learning on their own. However, that slow rate does mean that […]

6 Reasons Why Java Has a Bright Future

Famed for its user-friendliness and flexibility, the java programming language continues to enjoy widespread use and popularity. The go-to language for countless app developers and program management experts, applications written in Java are able to provide consistent performance across a range of different operating systems. There are numerous reasons why Java continues to remain popular […]

Dallas Tech Talent Drives Silicon Valley Migration

Uber is increasingly illustrative of a migration that is well under way in Silicon Valley. Where has Uber chosen to go? Well, that too is exemplative in the sense that the previously California-based giant has chosen to pick up stacks for North Texas. The migration from the San Francisco Bay area to more tax-friendly Texas […]

Tech Workers Want More Than Excellent Pay In The Current Market

There are currently almost one million open tech jobs in the United States. Additionally, a report recently conducted in the beginning of 2019 revealed that the most highly desirable positions by employers are app and software developers; almost one-third of all openings for tech positions are for app & software developers. According to data from […]

The Future of Edge Computing

There was a time when people had mainframes and eventually servers in their offices, which became cutting-edge technology. Down the hall was the compute power, then eventually the cloud came into fruition, which changed the game. Computers were hundreds of miles, yet mere milliseconds, away. Computing is coming back in a major way with the […]

The Difference Between Good & Great IT Talent

At first glance, it may seem that there isn’t much of a difference between good and great IT talent. Both are good at their jobs, both are engaged in their work and driven to accomplish the tasks set out for them, certainly. Upon closer inspection, however, the differences between good and great IT talent are […]

Top Employee Training Practices to Develop Your Talent

When it comes to staffing, perhaps the only thing harder than finding the perfect employees is how to keep the talent you hire developed and engaged once they start working for you. It’s important to provide your employees with opportunities that help them achieve their full potential on the job, otherwise there’s a strong chance […]

Questions You Should Be Asking When You Interview Your Next Java Developer To Hire

If you’re currently seeking JAVA developers, you know it remains one of the most popular coding languages and is still one of the most sought-after skills employers are looking for when hiring new team members. When you’re seeking employees who write JAVA, it’s important to vet their compatibility in terms of the culture of your […]

Dallas Among Top Four Cities Looking to Hire for Tech in 2019

According to research, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is amongst the top cities in the United States with companies hiring the most IT talent this year, having added a whopping 15,000 in 2018 alone. Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, and Charlotte were other cities hiring the most in IT, all beating out hiring rates in New York City, and […]

Top Blogs to Follow to Improve Your Javascript Coding Skills

With constant technology changes, JAVA programming can be tough. The field is always changing because of innovations within the industry, requiring more sophisticated programming and maintenance languages. One of the best ways to stay plugged into innovations and collaborate learning with other members of the community is subscribing to blogs. Here are some of the […]

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