Mid-level Developers are in Highest Demand

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HackerRank conducted a survey and found that more recruitment efforts are underway in AI, analytics, and cloud computing.

The HackerRank Report Results:

Big data and analytics are leaders in this recruitment trend. Cloud computing and AI are additional leaders in the technology recruiting that is occurring. An increase in recruitment will occur as companies compete for top talent. Vivek Ravisankar, the CEO of HackerRank said, “As every company becomes a tech company, we see increased investment in tech recruiting efforts, ranging from increased headcount to new recruiting tools.”

The HackerRank report offers insight into how companies can compete with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet(which was formerly Google).

HackerRank assists programmers with developing their skills and gives them access to other companies. The company conducted a survey to explore how tech leaders conduct tech recruiting in the best teams. This 2019 study surveyed tech interviewers, engineering managers, and tech recruiters.

HackerRank’s survey showed that companies of all sizes have the greatest need for mid-level developers. The need for entry-level developers and managers is next in rank. While teams don’t have challenges finding data analysts, they have challenges finding the following.

• Full-stack developers
• Machine learning engineers
• DevOps engineers
• System architects
• Data scientists

The job search site Indeed performed research that revealed that eight out of fifteen top jobs were technology positions. The United States Labor data revealed that growth will exceed hundreds of thousands in IT positions in the next 10 years in the US.

Some major insights identified in the report are that the technology teams create AI, big data, and cloud computing. The findings show that teams must be flexible to meet the hiring demands. HackerRank’s report showed that in order for team managers to transition appropriately, it’s necessary to evaluate things such as the time it takes to hire staff and the time spent on evaluations.

HackerRank reported that companies need to determine the skills they need their talent to demonstrate in an organization and the creativity of organizations to select the right applicants.

According to HackerRank’s report, International Data Corporation forecasts that big data and business analytics would increase by double digits going into the year 2022. Gartner noted that cloud services would increase significantly.

The data evaluated for HackerRank’s report was examined various items concerning the hiring process which include the number of positions a company needed to fill, the number of applicants, the time required to review applications, the phone screenings, and the time that companies spent evaluating job applicants.

The report shows that any improvement in the hiring process helps companies. When the hiring process improves in any area, any improvements in the hiring process helps improve a company because every area of the hiring process because there is a connection between all areas of the process.

HackerRank is hiring and evaluates applicants based on the following.

• A job applicant showing problem-solving skills
• A candidate demonstrating excellence in aspects of the job which made an applicant stand out
• Examining an applicant’s core values to make sure they aligned with the four values of the company
• The company prefers the abilities that someone has over their ancestry and their belief in the company’s mission to develop technology around the world

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