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3 Tips to Job Hunting During Uncertain Times

The coronavirus concern has been spreading like wildfire and it’s causing some major issues for both employers, employees, and job seekers. Some companies are experiencing hiring freezes, alternative interviewing setups (i.e. video interviewing vs. face-to-face), and even layoffs as a result of this pandemic. So, don’t be surprised if you see hiring slow down over the next […]

Mid-level Developers are in Highest Demand

HackerRank conducted a survey and found that more recruitment efforts are underway in AI, analytics, and cloud computing. The HackerRank Report Results: Big data and analytics are leaders in this recruitment trend. Cloud computing and AI are additional leaders in the technology recruiting that is occurring. An increase in recruitment will occur as companies compete […]

Workers’ pay is rising faster in Dallas than the rest of the U.S.

While it’s easy to remember the days of the recession, the United States is now proud to see the turn of the tide as the economy picks up. From lower unemployment rates to more sales, companies are beginning to flourish and people are once again feeling like they can possibly attain the American dream. Although […]

Another data center is coming to North Texas

North Dallas continues to be a draw for IT workers and IT companies alike. This is where many workers have found a place for their talents. It’s an area that loves bringing in new talent. Workers will find many things that draw them to this part of the country. Short commutes are the norm. The […]


Downtown Fort Worth Offers More for Less People have found that the idea of a city that doesn’t sleep isn’t very exciting and is actually more tiresome, and this applies to millennials as well. These people are the ones that have a preference for smaller up-and-coming markets that feature a lower cost of living along […]

How the Dallas Region Draws Top IT Talent

One of the great things about living in Dallas is that it is part of a thriving overall economy. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to about a quarter of a million workers. That’s an incredible number. Not only are there many people choosing to make this part of the world their work home base. […]

Dallas Among Leading Cities for Technology and Innovation

  Silicon Valley, Seattle, and other cities often are touted as the top cities for technology and innovation. However, a variety of cities, Dallas included, actually top the charts and beat out some of the aforementioned cities for their economies, digital cultures, and general focus on technological advancement. In fact, Dallas is currently ranked 13th […]

6 Reasons Why Java Has a Bright Future

Famed for its user-friendliness and flexibility, the java programming language continues to enjoy widespread use and popularity. The go-to language for countless app developers and program management experts, applications written in Java are able to provide consistent performance across a range of different operating systems. There are numerous reasons why Java continues to remain popular […]

The Future of Edge Computing

There was a time when people had mainframes and eventually servers in their offices, which became cutting-edge technology. Down the hall was the compute power, then eventually the cloud came into fruition, which changed the game. Computers were hundreds of miles, yet mere milliseconds, away. Computing is coming back in a major way with the […]

The Difference Between Good & Great IT Talent

At first glance, it may seem that there isn’t much of a difference between good and great IT talent. Both are good at their jobs, both are engaged in their work and driven to accomplish the tasks set out for them, certainly. Upon closer inspection, however, the differences between good and great IT talent are […]

Top Employee Training Practices to Develop Your Talent

When it comes to staffing, perhaps the only thing harder than finding the perfect employees is how to keep the talent you hire developed and engaged once they start working for you. It’s important to provide your employees with opportunities that help them achieve their full potential on the job, otherwise there’s a strong chance […]