Another data center is coming to North Texas

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North Dallas continues to be a draw for IT workers and IT companies alike. This is where many workers have found a place for their talents. It’s an area that loves bringing in new talent. Workers will find many things that draw them to this part of the country. Short commutes are the norm. The same is true of housing prices that are markedly lower than in many cities of comparable size. Given these factors as well as the relatively lower cost of living, it is no wonder that this part of the country has been a powerhouse in the IT worker field. The same is true today. Those who are looking for work as a Java developer or in the field of IT staffing can find it right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. One company is more than ready to join the field and offer the kind of jobs that have continued to drive up economic success in this state.

A Planned Expansion

Compass Datacenters is one of the most renowned of the new IT ventures that have made Dallas home to so many tech jobs and helped bring in even more workers in the field. This is a company that looks to clients all over the world. They see a global market ready for their services. They provide data centers where their clients need. The aim at every turn is to benefit the end user with reliable and efficient service. Innovation, flexibility, and well chosen financial partnerships are only some of the many qualities they bring with them to all of their clients. Given these factors, it is no wonder that the company continues to look a city ready, able and willing to welcome them and their goals. Right now, the place for Compass Datacenters is the Dallas area.

New Land

With this in mind, officials at the company have purchased two hundred and twenty-five acres in the area. The site they have chosen for new expansion plans is Red Oak. That is in Ellis Country, a county that is home to the Dallas- Forth Worth area. Officials at this organization are happy to report that construction has already begun. The goal is to have the first data site on the site up by the second quarter. This site joins another company site in the Allen area. It’s part of a larger plan for expansion. The company has offices not only in the Dallas area. They also have offices in many parts of the United States. Columbus, Ohio, Phoenix and Northern Virginia are just some of the places that company officials have made their own and provided services and jobs for clients and IT workers.

Bolstering Capacity

Bolstering capacity has been, and continues to be, an aim for this company. The goal is to serve the IT markets in the United States and Canada with superior, reliable capacity that allows the company officials to meet demand wherever they happen to find it. Digital content is the order of the day for the clients. As customers have found that the net can serve many purposes, many companies have found it imperative to look for ways to add additional capacity and content. They want to make sure that everything they use is secure. In doing so, they look for companies that can respond to this challenge and get the work they want done. Understanding this market has proven part of the key to this company’s success in the It field. It is one of many reasons why they have chosen to locate to the Dallas area.

Dynamic Data Centers

The Chief Executive Officer of the company believes this is one area that remains a dynamic place to work. Chris Crosby believes this new center is key to helping the company to keep to their goal of delivering the data centers that their clients need when they need them. They are doing so in part because they have had a lot of interest from their clients. Such interest has convinced them that this is a good place to bring in a second location. While power capacity for computing has been down in the area, this new facility is likely to play a key role in bringing it back up. The campus the company is using has over three hundred megawatts of total capacity for their users. The first center being constructed in this part of Dallas will have an additional six megawatts.