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Combing through resumes is not how you want to spend your days. We offer people who are experts in IT, not how to format a CV. We pinpoint the right candidates with the right experience and personality for your company.
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Since 1998, we’ve worked in over 38 states and four countries, with Fortune 15 to Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized businesses, and organizations in the public and private sectors.
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You won't find our professionals by posting on job boards or using standard search tools or AI. Ntelicor's network of IT talent is unparalleled in its quality. Our 20+ year experience combined with our proprietary process and integrated AI-power platform allows us to constantly refine our selection of the most appropriately qualified individuals.
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To build an elite IT core, you need to hire right. Our team recommends professionals whose qualifications and experience set them apart from the stacks you've been sorting through.
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Previously named one of the Top Ten Small Businesses in the U.S. by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Ntelicor has been the #1 staffing partner at two Fortune 50 companies. This includes the #1 staffing partner for the largest integrator in the Federal space and #1 airline. We have worked in over 38 states and 4 countries.
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